Here’s How You Can Plan A Christmas Marketing Campaign

January 3, 2021by Nick V1

It is evident that the Christmas season, in addition to being a religious holiday, brings its commercial side and along with it, a significant increase in sales of all types of products and services.

Starting in December is a bit late to start implementing your promotional tactics, but not impossible. At the request of many readers, we will share some tips and create your strategy and implement it.

Being the best Brand Consulting Firm in India, we know that the exercise of creating a campaign for a particular date will give you the training to continue applying the same method, for example, vacations, the start of activities, back to school, and other important dates that will happen throughout the next year.

So, if you are already behind in your marketing plans for the end of the year parties, take some time to read about the areas our experts have complied up as so you can implement a successful Christmas marketing campaign.

Think beyond Christmas

A campaign for the holidays does not imply that you do it solely for Christmas and does not suggest that it has to be launched in December. The traditional business parties and individuals mentioned above are often forgotten in the thrill surrounding Christmas.

After creating the ideas of your suggestions for the Holidays, you should start building strategies with creativity to help everything work in coordination. There is a wide variety of tools that you can use with your brand, how to:

    • Calls to action on your website.
    • Set banners on your blog and advertise on other websites.
    • Videos, photos, and quality images (which will help you with this promotion).
    • Contests and raffles.
    • Social networks and social advertising.
    • Email marketing: Christmas email templates.
    • Christmas cards discount.
    • Special promotional coupons.

Prepare your social media strategy

You will need to plan and create your editorial calendar for this specific season. This will make it more accessible for you to write and program all the content you will need throughout the holidays. If you don’t have an editorial calendar, you can create your template with this document.

Focus on customer satisfaction

If you can slightly change one aspect of your campaign to show your appreciation to your customers, do so without hesitation.

Why incorporate influencers in your Christmas marketing campaign?

As we know, influencers are people who have made a dent in the heart – and in the purchase intention – of the users, who follow their opinions, advice, and recommendations on any platform. After all, influencers are among the celebrities of the moment.

When developing Christmas marketing campaigns, influencers guarantee:

A plus of success to target your target audience
A source to boost your Christmas campaign and achieve greater reach
All this can also help your sales, being the influencers responsible for transmitting your brand messages and your value proposition
In fact, according to several market and consumer studies at Christmas, people with more engagement are more likely to respond to promotions, which corroborate the need to connect with them through conversations on social networks, work that influencers do very well.

Influencers are great providers of Christmas marketing content

Making influential marketing actions is the best way to produce attractive, quality, and interesting content for your target audience during the Christmas campaign. In addition to content providers, influencers capable of creating loyalty to your brand through interactive actions that invite your audience to participate in them. And not only that, your content will carry the seal of guarantee of success because they stand out from the crowd thanks, precisely, to the image of the influencer.

Your Christmas campaigns will reach masses

The influencers already have their own masses, unconditional followers over those who have prescription power in their purchasing and decision-making processes. Therefore, to reach that mass that is your target audience, the best way to do it and the most effective is to rely on influencers who share your same target.

Influencers are trust generators

The trust of the clients has been suffering during the last years due to the classification of messages. Be that as it may, the most important issue, in this case, is to recover that security from consumers, and take advantage of Christmas marketing to do so. And this is precisely one more reason why working with influencers with Christmas campaigns precisely in such a consumerist era.

Support your sales

Having that trust, which thanks to the figure of the influencer we will recover, will be one of the best allies when it comes to boosting the sale of our product or service, the moment in which the influence on decision-making and processes Purchase of our consumers becomes effective. It is not so much another step, as the consequence of the previous ones that is, of the work well done during the Christmas marketing campaign.

What else are you thinking of doing in your business for the Christmas season and holidays? Give us an idea of your plans by leaving a comment, and we will help you with some tips to improve your campaign.

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